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Have you invested in the world of crypto? With digital currencies becoming so popular in Brisbane and around Australia, understanding the tax accounting of your cryptocurrency and how it works has never been more important. The ATO is actively pursuing crypto currency transactions and implementing compliance systems to hold investors to account. Gone are the days of little or no oversight with taxation authorities issuing large fines for inadequate record keeping.

Peak Value Advisory are constantly researching the latest trends in cryptocurrencies and investigating tax implications for investors to provide our clients with effective strategies to minimize liabilities and maximise returns. Our crypto tax experts help local and interstate investors stop struggling with their digital currency tax problems through professional advice and accounting. Give our friendly team a call today to sort out your cryptocurrency worries and avoid an ATO audit.

Local Cryptocurrency Tax Agents

For those people who have bought or sold cryptocurrency in previous financial years, it’s essential to make sure all transactions are correctly and truly reported to the ATO. Given the fluid nature of the crypto markets and complexities in acquiring and disposing of these assets, this process is quite confusing and time consuming without help from professional crypto tax accountants. Fortunately, the team at Peak Value Advisory are experienced crypto investors with the knowledge, experience and skills to simplify this process and ensure you don’t come afoul of the tax department.

Crypto Tax Compliance Benefits

To get as much money as possible back at tax time, it’s important you claim every available deduction for your cryptocurrency investments. Peak Value Advisory have the personal and professional experience in the crypto markets to ensure nothing is missed and claims are maximized.

Cryptocurrency laws in Australia are developing quickly and changing all the time. Additionally, the Australian Taxation Office is actively investigating the financial affairs of crypto investors and putting their transactions under the microscope. For those investors who are found non-compliant, severe penalties await, especially for those judged to be evading tax. Therefore, being unaware of your crypto tax obligations can put you and your finances at serious risk

When compared to other investments such as the share markets and FOREX, cryptocurrency is a fairly new arrival on the scene. These markets are a completely different kettle of fish with a whole host of new tax rules. Without professional advice from knowledgeable experts, you’ll be flying blind and risking financial loss and ATO fines.

Filing your own tax return when you have crypto investments is fraught with risks. From wasting time and energy to causing large amounts of stress, DIY crypto returns are not something we advise anyone to do. Our crypto tax agents can quickly claim all deductions whilst preparing your tax return to maximise your refund and keep you safe from ATO audits.

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Our team are ready to help you comply with cryptocurrency tax reporting requirements as specified by the ATO and other regulatory bodies. With the help of the experienced accountants at Peak Value Advisory, you can rest easy knowing you are safe from ATO action and your crypto gains are protected legally.
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